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Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

Why find broken links on your website?

It’s very important that you use a broken link checker to scan for broken links on your website as this can affect your search engine rankings. At the time of publishing these links on your website they might have been valid but over time these links can be become broken for a number of reasons.

These broken links could have been caused by an updated website to a different platform with a different URL structure or permalink structure or maybe a different website address.

Broken Link Checker- 404-page-not found

It’s therefore important to check these links on a regular basis, if not for SEO purposes or your visitors won’t be impressed either.

If you have broken links, all your visitors will see the dreaded 404 error status page telling them the requested page is not found.

How can we check for broken links on your website

There are a number of ways but it depends on how your website is set up. If your website uses just HTML5 and CSS then you can use an online service. But if your website is a Content management System then there should be a plugin you could install.

Online Static Link Checker

During a search on the internet, I came across a website that could search all the pages on a website for any broken links. It does have a limit of 3000 pages though for the free version.

The website that I found during a Google search is called and it will find dead links, both internal & external for both static websites and content management systems.

The Broken Link Checker is easy to use, you just enter your websites URL and then click on ‘Find Broken Links’ and it will search all your web pages for any internal or external broken links. If it finds any it gives you the status of ‘404‘ and a ‘SRC‘ link to where the broken link is in the source code of that page.

Broken Link Checker screenshot

I used the Broken Link Checker on one of my recent websites and it found a number of broken links and one of them was a website that had been upgraded to a different system and had changed its URL structure. The website also pinpointed where in the code the broken link was and it was amended quite quickly and hence saved valuable time.

A WordPress plugin Broken Link Checker

Using WordPress you will probably find a number of Broken Link Checker plugins. On this website we currently use a plugin called Broken Link Checker, it’s easy to set up and you can view any broken links in the dashboard when you sign into your WordPress website.

The plugin, if set up can also email you any broken links so you can fix them as soon as possible.

Our Support & Maintenance package

At Towy Web Designs we can offer broken link checking as part of the ‘WordPress Support and Maintenance Package‘, were we can make sure your WordPress website is update with WordPress, Themes & Plugins.

Not only that, a weekly backup of your WordPress database and files will be performed to ensure you don’t lose anything.

We will also check your website for broken links and amend them so that you don’t have any 404 error pages caused by broken links.

Why not try out to see if you have any broken links on your website.