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Free Wildcard SSL Certificates

FREE Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL Certifcates are Available Now

It was announced last year by Let’s Encrypt that they would be supplying free Wildcard SSL Certificates in January 2018 but it took a little bit longer. tweeted today that they were available on their Web Hosting platform as long as you host with them and use their DNS.

Quoted by

All our free SSL certificates are now wildcard certificates, meaning that one wildcard SSL can now secure all subdomains on a single domain.

What are Wildcard SSL Certificates?

In a nutshell every domain name i.e. can have unlimited Subdomains set up like With a normal DV SSL certificate that just secures and encrypts the main domain name but with a DV Wildcard SSL certificate it includes all the Sub Domains as well.

Let’s Encrypt says:

We will initially only support base domain validation via DNS for wildcard certificates.

For more information about free Wildcard SSL certificates then please visit Wildcard Certificates Coming January 2018 (Updated March 13th 2018.)

Towy Web Designs can now supply Wildcard SSL Certificates

All of our websites have now been upgraded from the DV SSL Certificates to the Wildcard version. The process was very simple and now my customers can be rest assured that their Subdomains are now secure and encrypted.

Towy Web Designs Wildcard SSL Certificate

Looking at the above image it clearly shows that this website now has a Wildcard SSL Certificate installed (the * denotes a Wildcard) as the Common Name is * These results were provided by High-Tech Bridge.

Do you need reliable, fast Web Hosting with FREE Wildcard SSL Certificates to help secure and encrypt your website?

Then please visit our Web Hosting page for more information.

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