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Corrine Apostolopoulou-Banga



About Corrine Apostolopoulou-Banga

This is another Fan based website to help promote Corrine Apostolopoulou-Banga as a book author of a book called ‘Getting Old‘, which has been published and available now.

Corrine Apostolopoulou-Banga is also a business owner of Orange Tree Private Care based in Loughborough, Leicestershire. It’s a residential care home for the elderly/dementia and their pets.

Currently they are fund raising so that they can make community visits for free. At the moment it’s a chargeable services. If you would like to help this good cause then you can donate money to their JustGiving page.

About the website

This is a WordPress website that uses a theme called Mesmerize by Horea Radu.

It has added web security and a free Wildcard SSL certificate to help to prevent hackers gaining access.

This website now has an eCommerce plugin added so that Corrine can sell her new book ‘Getting Old – Animals for Therapy‘ and it is available now. If you would like more information about this book then please visit Corrine’s My Book page.

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