Web Hosting, Support & Maintenance

This is vital and essential part of your Web Design package, a monthly Web Hosting, Support & Maintenance package that will help keep your WordPress website live, secure and up to date with new versions of files & plugins. It is vital that your website is kept up to date for obvious reasons as these updates deal with bug fixes, security issues and developers also try to improve or add new features to their plugins or themes.

If your website is not up to date and not secure then it opens the door for hackers to break into your website and cause all kinds of problems. After your website has gone live, Towy Web Designs will be committed to make sure your website is safe, secure and regularly backed up.

WordPress will let you know if there are any important updates available when you login to the Dashboard. Towy Web Designs can take the hassle out of maintaining your WordPress website by updating it for you and allowing you to get on with your business.

Apart from updating WordPress files, it is also important to make regular backups of your website just in case something happens to your website. WordPress is based on a database and all your valuable content is stored there. Just imagine for the moment if your website suddenly stopped working or gets corrupted, would you be able to get it back up and running without any loss of data or content?

Hosting, Support & Maintenance

Again Towy Web Designs will perform regular periodic backups so that your website is recoverable with minimal loss of content.

So what’s included in this Web Hosting, Support & Maintenance Package?

Web Hosting features

  • Hosting Specifications
  • £25 / Month
  • Linux Hosting.
  • 10GB of SSD Storage
  • Host 1 Domain i.e. one website
  • 10 Emails (2GB Mailbox each)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • *** FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate ***

Control Panel

All Web Hosting Packages come with Stack Control Panel, which includes:

FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

Free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate

Emails & Webmail

All email accounts come with a massive 2GB mailbox and can be set up in the Control Panel. Emails can be viewed in WebMail, also accessible via the Control Panel or set up with an email client like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • WordPress Core Updates when available for Bug Fixes and Security updates.
  • Plugin Updates when available (Plugin authors also release updates to add new features or fix bugs).
  • Theme Updates when available.
  • A complete weekly Backup including WordPress, Media Files, Plugins.
  • A weekly Backup of the WordPress Database.
  • Full Website Recovery – will be restored from the most recent backup.
  • Broken Link Checking
  • Comment Management – The deletion of Spam comments.

*** Please Note: All Backups and updates will be performed outside of your Office hours so nothing is missed.

What’s the cost of this package?

Your Web Hosting, Support & Maintenance package will include a set amount of time per month
to complete these necessary updates at: £25 per month.