HTTP to HTTPS Migration

HTTP to HTTPS Migration Service

As Google now wants the whole of the Internet 100% secured and encrypted with SSL certificates, Towy Web Designs can help you in several ways.

  • Firstly, we supply free SSL certificates with all new website packages when hosting with us. These SSL certificates will be installed first when developing your new website, so you don’t need to worry about this service.
  • If you didn’t buy your website package from us then we still can supply fast, reliable & resilient UK based Web Hosting that includes free SSL certificates. Change your hosting provider to us using our WordPress Migration Service.
  • If none of the above apply and you still want to go from http to https then we can still help with the migration but first you have to buy an SSL certificate.

Do you need help moving from HTTP to HTTPS?

It might not be that straightforward moving from HTTP to HTTPS when you install your SSL certificate on an existing website. With new websites it is pretty easy as you set the website up from the start to use HTTPS.

If you have decided to encrypt and secure your business website with an SSL certificate but aren’t sure what to do next….

Or have you already bought an SSL certificate and successfully installed it in your Hosting Control Panel (cPanel) and not sure what to do next….

Or you’ve got mixed content warnings in your web browser and don’t know how to fix these issues….

With all of the above Towy Web Designs can help you with our HTTP to HTTPS Migration service.

Let us move your website for you

There are quite a few steps to take whilst migrating from http to https and some parts can be quite technical so let us do all the hard work and we will add some extra web security in the process.

Please note that having an SSL certificate won’t prevent hackers as they still can bypass HTTPS so at Towy Web Designs we will add extra web security measures to prevent that from happening like enabling HSTS.

Adding extra Web Security is another service that we normally charge for but whilst we are helping you to secure your business website we will do it as part of the process which is included in the price. For more details just click the link for our Web Security Service.

So how much does this service cost?

To use this valuable and essential service would cost you £120 and that will include:

  • A full website backup
  • SSL certificate installation if not already done
  • Changes in WordPress settings
  • Change any internal links from http to https in all pages, post etc.
  • Deal with mixed content warnings
  • Extra Web Security – enable HSTS
  • Add new profile for https in Google Search Console
  • Creation of new xml sitemap to be submitted to search engines such as Google

Testing your SSL certificate and Web Security

The links below can be used to test your SSL certificate and your website’s Web Security. Maybe test it first then when you’ve successfully have used this HTTP to HTTPS Migration Service you can compare the results.

On a final note…

You now need to update and change you social media links or anything such as business cards, letter heads etc. that still has the old http on it to https. With the changes made the website will redirect anyway.

If you would like us to migrate your website from http to https then please Contact Us Now.