Support & Maintenance Package

If your website wasn’t developed by us i.e. Towy Web Designs, then we can still offer a Support & Maintenance package whereby we can look after your website and leave you free to run your own business.

To look after your website we would need access to your WordPress website with login details that has Administrator rights and maybe to your Web Hosting package.

Why have a Support & Maintenance package?

Well simply WordPress websites need to be kept up to date when vulnerabilities are found, which could cause security issues with your Business website.

Also new features can be added either by WordPress or Plugin developers.

Doing these updates should be straight forward but at times they can break your website if they haven’t been uploaded properly or have bugs. If that happens will you know what to do to get your precious website back up again?

Support & Maintenance Package

What’s included in this Support & Maintenance Package?

  • WordPress Core Updates when available for Bug Fixes and Security updates.
  • Plugin Updates when available (Plugin authors also release updates to add new features or fix bugs).
  • Theme Updates when available.
  • A complete weekly Backup including WordPress, Media Files, Plugins.
  • A weekly Backup of the WordPress Database.
  • Full Website Recovery – will be restored from the most recent backup.
  • Broken Link Checking
  • Comment Management – The deletion of Spam comments.
  • Minor changes to your website content.

*** Please Note: All Backups and updates will be performed outside of your Business hours so nothing is missed ***.

What’s the cost of this package?

Support & Maintenance package will include a set amount of time per month
to complete these necessary updates at: £25 per Month.

But wait…

If you host your website with Towy Web Designs, we can give you Fast, Reliable Web Hosting with free SSL Certificates
for that same price of £25 per Month. If you are interested then please Contact Us Now!