WordPress Migration Service

If for some reason you need to change your web hosting provider, Towy Web Designs offers a WordPress Migration Service to transfer your WordPress website to another web hosting company like Eco Hosting Services.

Maybe, your current hosting provider is not offering free SSL Certificates and hosting with Eco Hosting Services do. Eco Hosting Services is the web hosting side of Towy Web Designs providing fast, reliable UK based servers.

Please Note, to allow the transfer of your website from one hosting provider to another, we would require full administrator access to your WordPress website and your existing hosting account. Without access to your these accounts, we are not able to migrate your website.

Free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate

Towy Web Designs will make a complete backup of your website and will make the transfer process as quickly as possible. However, there will be some downtime of your website but we will keep it to a minimum.

So what’s involved?

  • If transferring from a hosting company to another like Eco Hosting Services, then we need to have access to your Domain Name’s Control Panel, so that the nameservers can be changed to point to the new hosting account. Again we need access to your Domain Name’s control panel to make these changes.
  • But first a complete backup of your WordPress website is needed including files, images, photos, plugins, theme and database. This backup process will be downloaded or stored on a cloud server.
  • On your new hosting account, a new version of WordPress will be installed and the essential backup/restore plugin will also be installed.
  • Once the backup/restore plugin has been installed then your website backup will be restored onto your new hosting provider.

How much will it cost?

It really depends on the new Hosting provider you choose and how easy their system is, but with Eco Hosting Services it is fairly straight forward to migrate your website.

This WordPress Migration Service by Towy Web Designs will cost an initial £90 per website, then £25 per month for our Web Hosting, Support & Maintenance package with Eco Hosting Services.

Or if you just need the Web Hosting with Free SSL Certificates then it will be the price of the Hosting package plus a migration fee of £90 per website.

If you would like to change your Web Hosting provider and migrate your
WordPress website then please Contact Us Now.